About Art Detective:

Art Detective is a Contemporary Aboriginal Art Gallery.
When you are in front of an aboriginal painting, a whole new world opens up:
Welcome to the oldest art making tradition in the world for 40.000 years.

Aboriginal art is very interesting because of the quality and beauty of the works, the dreaming elements and the integration between art and the identity and culture of aboriginal life.

We strongly believe that contemporary indigenous/aboriginal art is underestimated and will be a good long-term investment.
Art Detective Gallery collaborates with independent art centres which are owned by its aboriginal artists. With buying indigenous art you will support aboriginal communities.

Each artwork is supplied with a certificate of provenance

About the owner:

Arlette graduated social work and cultural studies. In daily life she loves urban architecture. She lives in Groningen in the Netherlands with her husband and two children.

Aboriginal Art & Culture





We’re always interested in partnership with indigenous artists, please feel free to contact us